Install Zimlets in Zimbra (ZCS)

Zimlets are delivered as a zip file that includes all the files necessary to run the Zimlet. The zip file should be copied to the Zimbra servers to deploy the Zimlet to users.

Deployment and management of Zimlets is only from the command line (CLI).

To deploy a Zimlet to the default COS

Copy the zip file to the /opt/zimbra/zimlets directory.

Type the following commands as zimbra user:

zmzimletctl install
zmzimletctl deploy
zmzimletctl enable zimlet_name

zmzimletctl info zimlet_nameĀ  will give you the information about the zimlet you have installed.
zmzimletctl listZimlets will list all the zimlets installed in the system.

To uninstall zimlets, you can use the following commands.

zmzimletctl disable zimlet
zmzimletctl undeploy zimlet

This will uninstall the zimlets from the zimbra.

Ref: Zimlets