CentOS Project In Trouble?

CentOS is a community-supported, freely-available operating system based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Lance Davis created CentOS and now he goes absent without leave.

Lance vanished from the project some time in 2008. Everybody needs time off from projects from time to time, so there was no real need to worry about that. What there was to worry about is the following: Lance is the only one, who can make active changes to the centos.org domain, as he “owns it”. Nobody else in the team is able to add nameservers, or change anything as for now. Recently he put an anonymizing service on the domain, so that nobody from the outside can see who that domain belongs to.

The other important thing is that Lance is the one who has access to the Google AdSense and the Paypal accounts, without a backup. This money was donated towards the project and could have been used for professionally made media for fairs and conventions, professionally made advertisement material for the same, hardware, community support and so on. Nobody on the CentOS team wants to make money, they are doing the project in their free time.