Block Ads/Malware/Spyware using hosts file

The most easy way to block advertisements and other malware sites is to point those site to ip address or (zero version is not supported by all systems) in your hosts file.

There are sites which provides the list of the sites names which are responsible to displaying the ads or spreading the malware so, download the list of those sites and put it into your hosts file and restart your system.

For Windows 9x and ME place this file at “C:\Windows\hosts
For NT, Win2K and XP use “C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts” or Linux, /etc/hosts”.

This is an easy and effective way to protect you from  many types of spy-ware, reduces bandwidth use, blocks certain pop-up traps, prevents user tracking by way of “web bugs” embedded in Spam, provides partial protection to browsers from certain web-based exploits and blocks most advertising you would otherwise be subjected to on the Internet.

One of the advantages from this modification is that your web surfing experience would be significantly faster because your browser does not have to wait for the annoying advertisement to load.

RockMelt, Another New Web Browser

As you all know, multiple versions of five mainstream browsers just isn’t enough. RockMelt a startup founded by Eric Vishria and Tim Howes. They intend to launch a new and improved web browser into an increasingly-crowded market.

What makes RockMelt different is that it’s been backed by Marc Andreessen, the founder of Netscape Communications Corporation. He has stated that RockMelt will offer a different browsing experience. He suggests that most other browsers have not kept pace with web evolution, and remain based in the realms of static web pages rather than complex networked web applications:

Although he doesn’t elaborate on what those different things are, there has speculation that the new browser could offer tighter integration with social networks such as Facebook.

Currently, RockMelt is pure vaporware — although it does have a lovely logo. Only time will tell if it can offer anything over and above the existing browsers. For now, there are two conclusions we can make:

1. Browser competition is a good thing. (IE6 is boring)
2. Even more secure web!

Can RockMelt offer anything new? Will it be more than a nice logo? Are multiple browsers a help or a hindrance? Well, wait n see….

Disable Youtube Related Videos on Web Page

There are some cases when you need to avoid displaying related videos to the youtube object shown on the page. The solution is very simple as that you just need to add a short parameter to your Youtube URL. All you need to add is &rel=0 to the Youtube URL. It will not displaying related videos.

So the initial state in the code is:

embed src=”″

And after the modification it will be as follows:

embed src=””

This simple parameter will disable unwanted videos displayed at your pages.