Speech Recognition in Windows Vista?

You ever wanted to talk to your computer, like “Music On!”

In Windows Vista, you can do this 😉

Click the Start menu >> Control Panel >> Speech Recognition. >> Start Speech Recognition >> Now tell your computer what to do!

Be sure to take the Speech Tutorial first to get your computer to get the feel for your voice.

All versions of Windows Vista have one of the most powerful speech recognition systems available for consumers.

Once you finished, you should have your Recognition Panel at the top of your screen.

The program will interpret “everything” you say!!

Just say “Start” and the start menu opens on up. The cursor sits there in the search box, as it always does with the start menu is opened. Now you can speak what you want to search for.

If you want to launch a program , you can skip the start menu entirely by saying “Start [app name].”

VLC 1.0 for Linux Released, with HD Codecs

Now it’s time to celebrate… the best, free and popular media player application, VLC reached version 1.0.0 after more than eight years of activity!!!….

It is now providing support for some HD streams. The highlights of VLC 1.0.0 are:

· Added new HD codecs:

· Blu-Ray Linear PCM
· Dolby Digital Plus
· AES3
· TrueHD
· Real Video 3.0 and 4.0

· Added support for M2TS and Raw Dirac
· Greatly improved the support for video playback
· Added MP3 fixed-point encoder
· Added Dirac encoder
· AirTunes streaming support
· Playback support for zipped files
· Fullscreen support for video scaling
· Support for MTP devices
· Support for Frame-by-Frame
· Instant pausing support
· Live recording support
· Support for RTSP Trickplay
· Improved speed controls
· Improved support for the GTK environment
· Added an easier encoding graphical user interface in the Qt version
· Made the toolbars customizable
· New artwork
· Includes popular audio/video codecs
· Cross-platform and open source!