PRM (Process Resource Monitor) in Linux Servers

PRM (Process Resource Monitoring) monitors the process table on a given system and matches process id’s with set resource limits in the config file or per-process based rules. Process id’s that match or exceed the set limits are logged and killed; includes e-mail alerts, kernel logging routine and more… Installation: Download the package and extract … Continue reading “PRM (Process Resource Monitor) in Linux Servers”

Delete Files With Inode Number in Unix or how to delete files with special characters

You can use rm command to delete file.Sometimes, files are created with special characters like control characters and you will not be able to delete them, as you won’t be able to input them via a keyboard. These files are not that easy to delete. Inode numbers comes in handy at this time. You can … Continue reading “Delete Files With Inode Number in Unix or how to delete files with special characters”

Glipper crashed with ValueError in load()

I found out that klipper is not working well in Ubuntu 11.10 version. I installed glipper in my machine and after a reboot, met with this error. glipper crashed with ValueError in load(): invalid literal for int() with base 10: “\xcb#W\x84\xb0\x0e […] \r” The workaround appears to be to just forget about the invalid history … Continue reading “Glipper crashed with ValueError in load()”

How to mount SFTP share in Linux machine

This could be implemented using both FUSE and SSHFS. Download both from 1. Install FUSE package: fuse-x.tar.gz Extract and install #tar xvf fuse-x.tar.gz #cd fuse-x #./configure #make #make install After successful installation, install SSHFS package: sshfs-fuse-x.tar.gz Extract and install #tar xvf sshfs-fuse-x.tar.gz #cd sshfs-fuse-x #./configure #make #make install Now we can use sshfs to mount sftp … Continue reading “How to mount SFTP share in Linux machine”

PTY allocation request failed on channel 0

Recently I tried to ssh into a guest in vmware. I was able to authenticate in the server and I was not able to access the console. I was getting the following error. $ ssh x.x.x.x The authenticity of host ‘x.x.x.x (x.x.x.x)’ can’t be established. RSA key fingerprint is 1c:4d:1b:6g:d5:40:db:5b:46:7f:bb:17:b1:1b:41:80. Are you sure you want … Continue reading “PTY allocation request failed on channel 0”

Install Zimlets in Zimbra (ZCS)

Zimlets are delivered as a zip file that includes all the files necessary to run the Zimlet. The zip file should be copied to the Zimbra servers to deploy the Zimlet to users. Deployment and management of Zimlets is only from the command line (CLI). To deploy a Zimlet to the default COS Copy the … Continue reading “Install Zimlets in Zimbra (ZCS)”

ClamAV ERROR: getfile: Can’t create new file

While running freshclam in servers, you may encounter this problem. root@linux [~]# freshclam ClamAV update process started at Fri Jun 11 19:23:37 2010 WARNING: Your ClamAV installation is OUTDATED! WARNING: Local version: 0.95.2 Recommended version: 0.96.1 DON’T PANIC! Read ERROR: chdir_tmp: Can’t create directory ./clamav-c1140c4846ffa40c2678e2fdcd1221ee WARNING: Incremental update failed, trying to download main.cvd ERROR: … Continue reading “ClamAV ERROR: getfile: Can’t create new file”

Installing Memcache Extension for PHP

Let’s determine the PHP version installed and also make sure it is in system path. 1. type php -v on you shell, it should show something like PHP 5.2.6 (cli) (built: some date) 2. type whereis php to get the path where PHP is installed in your system. 3. In your accounts home directory create/edit … Continue reading “Installing Memcache Extension for PHP”

Install /dev/net/tun in a VPS

VPN support for a VPS Hosting via the TUN/TAP device is available. To allow VE #700 to use the TUN/TAP device, the following steps are required: * Make sure the tun module has been already loaded on the hardware node: lsmod | grep tun If it is not there, then issue the command ‘modprobe tun’ … Continue reading “Install /dev/net/tun in a VPS”